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Dance & Divas New Releases

Dance & Divas New Releases

New releases featuring Dance and Divas.

MX254 Pop Divas 1 - Off-the-hook collection of urban dance and dance pop with female vocals.
BEAT024 Song Bites 7 Urban Radio - Ingredients: Pop, Dance, Electronic, and R&B songs featuring male and female vocals. For projects that need a larger-than-life Top 40 sound.
BOM015 Pop Mix Love - Urban, Pop, R&B male & female vocals and instrumental versions.
RIOT108 Clublife Vol. 2 - Feel the burn with electrifying club hits from the bleeding edge of trance, dubstep and electronica.
CS031 Pop Songs – Catchy electro pop with female vocals and instrumental versions.
STYE350 Electropop Vol. 1 - Hi energy electro pop instrumentals.

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