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New Trailer Music

New Trailer Music

New Trailer Music Releases

XCRD057 Beast Break - A dynamic hybrid of electronic orchestral & industrial rock – fused to explode in heroic super-hero action drama great for fantasy film trailers, promos & extreme sports.
AUM018 Leviathan - Myth no longer. Audiomachine has brought this fearsome beast to life on their latest album Leviathan!  Powerful Hybrid -  combining industrial rock with orchestra and featuring very talented cellist Tina Guo.
GOTHIC009 Massive Rocktronica - Massive trailer rock tracks recorded with real choirs. An intense vision of apocalyptic destruction featuring monstrous guitar riffs, earth-slamming drum kits, twisted fat electronica and soul-destroying hybrid orchestra. Composed by Chris Haigh.
FWM011 Millennium - Future World’s eleventh album features two discs; the first one contains the main tracks, while the second one offers the no choir and alternate mixes.   Haunting and ethereal, epic and victorious – an incredible emotional roller coaster ride!  Composer, Armen Hambar has managed to deliver a full range of emotions.  Featuring moving solo female vocals.


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