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1. Is there a licence agreement for your Sound Effects?
Yes there is. Sound Ideas' sound effects are sold under the terms and conditions stated in the Sound Ideas End User License Agreement. Hanna-Barbera and Turner sound effects are sold under the terms and conditions stated in the Hanna-Barbera & Turner Sound Effects End User License Agreement.

2. Can I use Sound Ideas sound effects on my Web site?
Yes, within the following limits... you can synchronize our sound effects for playback only on your Web site, so that button rollovers "bark" or a banner crackles in the "wind". This type of use is absolutely legal. But you are not allowed to distribute our sound effects in any way - whether you intend to give, trade, loan or sell them. You are not permitted to present our sound effects in any way that would allow access to the sound effects or sounds as downloadable audio. This would be a violation of our proprietary property rights and is therefore unauthorized without express written permission from Sound Ideas.

3. Can I use Sound Ideas sound effects in my computer game?
Yes you can, provided that the sounds are embedded in the code of your game and are not available for an end-user to access or download. If your application allows the end-user to access or download unsynchronized sounds, you should contact Beatbox Music to arrange supplemental authorization for the use of the sound effects.

4. I am making a video game for release in retail stores. Can I use your sound effects in it?
Yes you can. Synchronization of our sound effects in this manner is permitted under the terms and conditions of the Sound Ideas End User License Agreement.

5. Do I have to pay you more if I include your sound effects in a production that will be broadcast on radio or TV?
Sound Ideas' sound effects are sold as royalty free products. This means that you do not need to pay any additional money to Sound Ideas if a production is going to be broadcast or performed publicly.

6. Can Sound Ideas sound effects be used for live theatre productions?
Yes. Our sound effects can be incorporated into a live theatre production, either through the creation of a cued tape or CD created specially for the production, or through use of a direct cue from the original library CD. These uses meet Sound Ideas' definition of synchronization and therefore fall within the rights granted under our End User License Agreement.

7. Can I transfer your sounds to computer hard disk myself, or have it done for me?
Yes, provided that you own the Sound Ideas products that you want to transfer. If you are setting up a multi-user audio production environment, you need a license from Sound Ideas. Our Hard Disk Information Sheet has been designed to provide full details about this license.

If you decide to sell your hard drive at a later date, however, ALL Sound Ideas audio files MUST be removed from the disc before you transfer ownership. You are not authorised to sell copied versions of our audio files under any circumstances - this practice is an infringement of Sound Ideas' copyright.

8. Can I copy Sound Ideas sound effects or music on to my computer hard drive in order to create a production?
Yes. The synchronization license that you obtain with your purchase of Sound Ideas royalty free sound effects and music allows you to copy the files on to your computer hard drive for the purposes of creating audio and/or visual productions or applications. Your license does not permit the sale, lease, loan or gift of any unsynchronized Sound Ideas audio content. This means that if, for example, you decide to sell a computer hard drive that has Sound Ideas copyrighted audio content copied on to it, you must delete that content before the hard drive is delivered to its new owner.

9. Can I make a back up copy of my Sound Ideas CDs?
No. You are not permitted to make additional back up copies of Sound Ideas CDs or their contents under any circumstances. If you ever encounter a problem with one of our CDs, please contact us to arrange for a replacement copy.

10. I already own a copy of a Sound Ideas library and I need another copy. What are my options?
If you have purchased a library directly from Sound Ideas and you find that you need an additional copy (or copies) of it for your own production or listening use, Sound Ideas can assist you with attractive "extra set" pricing. Under no circumstances are you allowed to make your own extra copy. For more information on "extra set" pricing, contact Beatbox Music.

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