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Elements Cafe 10

Elements Cafe 10

Announcing Elements Café 10 - a gourmet blend of more than 430 royalty free production elements to help you realize your creative genius.

Included on this production elements CD - Pulsing Loops & Accents, Glisses & Arpeggios, Stab Accents, Bouncing & Dramatic Stab Accents, Dramatic & Dark Drama Accents, Suspense & Mystery Accents, Melodramatic & Ethereal Accents, Soft Pulsing Accents, Mellow Plucked & Plucked Gurgling Accents, Garbles Accents, Tones, Pads & Sweepers, Shimmers, Slides & Glides, Metal Ring Accents, Synth Bumps and Sitar Accents

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