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Elements Cafe Combo

Elements Cafe Combo

Get your Elements Café Combo in CD or DVD!

Purchase the 10 CD Elements Café Audio Combo and get an almost bottomless cup of imaging elements - that's more than 3,500 royalty free production elements in all!


The DVD ROM contains the complete contents of all 10 Elements Café CDs. All of the production elements are provided as 16 bit 44.1 K broadcast WAV files, and this DVD disc also contains a fully functional SuperSearch catalog for the complete collection, plus easy to use PDF, Microsoft Excel and HTML files that provides a full listing of the DVD's contents. In addition, all of the WAV files have been embedded with improved metadata that is fully cross referenced for detailed and accurate searches in your asset management software.

All your favorites are here - choose exactly what you need from this outstanding set of:

  • Music & Percussion Tracks 'n Grooves
  • IDs & Logos Beds, Pads & Drones
  • Hits, Impacts & Stingers
  • Beeps, Bonks, Flutters, Shimmers, Zaps & Other Special FX
  • Lasers & Sci Fi
  • Whooshes
  • Communications & Electronics
  • Engines, Machines & Explosions
  • Accents, Punctuators, Stagers & Enhancers
  • Dissolves, Rewinds, Sweepers & Transitions
  • Sound Effects

The Elements Café Combo from Sound Ideas... get the full dose of caffeine pumping through your audio veins!

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