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Production Elements Collection HD

Production Elements Collection HD

Imagine all 43 CDs of Sound Ideas Royalty Free Production Elements, more than 15,000 elements in all, on one easy to access 160 GB hard drive. It's a production element feast for the ears.

When you order the Production Elements Collection on Hard drive, you get all 15,455 elements in broadcast WAV 16 bit/44.1k file format, ready for immediate use and formatted either for PC or MAC users.

And here's more great news - all of these WAV files have been embedded with improved metadata that is fully cross referenced for detailed and accurate searches in your asset management software.

Here's a brief description of what you get when you order this amazing collection:

  • Elements CafĂ©, CDs 1 through 10
  • The Mix III Imaging Elements Library
  • The Mix VIII Imaging Elements Library
  • The Big Whoosh, CDs 1 through 6
  • Power Distortion
  • Sports Music & Elements
  • Club Elements
  • Latin Elements
  • Dark Elements
  • Imaging Accents
  • Elements
  • Production Elements Toolkit, Volumes 1 through 8

Hard Drive Warranty:

All Sound Ideas Hard Drive sales are final. We stand behind the quality of our product by providing this warranty.

If a registered Sound Ideas Ultimate Hard Drive crashes and can no longer be accessed, the following warranty will apply.

For any crash reported within 12 months (1 year) of purchase, Sound Ideas will replace the hard drive with all of the contents supplied in the original purchase free of charge, upon return of the non-operational hard drive to Sound Ideas.

For any crash reported more than 12 months (1 year) after purchase, Sound Ideas will replace the hard drive with all of the contents supplied in the original purchase, but a fee will be charged for this replacement service. The customer will not have to pay for all of the libraries included in the original hard drive, but they will have to pay a replacement fee equivalent to the value of the hard drive itself, plus an administrative charge that will cover the cost of re-creating the hard drive and shipping charges. The customer will be required to return the non-operational hard drive to Sound Ideas before the hard drive can be replaced.

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