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The Big Drone

The Big Drone

Mysterious, sweeping, pulsing and enigmatic. The Big Drone Sound Effects Library - 100 royalty free tracks that are ready to rumble. This two CD set features both simple and complex drones that have been designed to enhance many different kinds of scoring applications.
Give your productions a solid presence with The Big Drone - available only from Sound Ideas.

Here's a very small sample of the drones you will find in this sound effects collection:

  • Thick Synth Drone with Sweeping Modulation
  • Hollow Drone with High Hollow Wails
  • Heavy Drone with Bells and Eerie Workings
  • String Drone with Long Hollow Sweeps
  • Buzzing Energy Drone with Swirling Sweeps
  • Low Synth Drone with Musical Accents
  • Humming Drone with Irregular Pulse
  • Suspenseful Dynamic Breathing Drone
  • Eerie Drone with Unsettled Fluttering
  • Electronic Gyro Ride Drone
  • Sweeping Electronic Ditherscape Drone
  • Pulsing Bellscape Drone
  • Mysterious Gong Drone
  • Modulated Shortwave Radio Tone Drone
  • UFO Communication Drone
  • Electric Frog Drone

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