About Beatbox

Established in 1987, Beatbox Music is the largest independent Australian owned and operated company specialising in providing the highest quality production music and trailer music. We represent the world's top indie labels and distribute more than 1,000,000 tracks via our innovative search systems available in either online or offline solutions.

Our extensive library is used daily in network television shows, theatrical trailers, promos, TVCs, online social videos, radio and corporate productions.

The Beatbox Collection is available exclusively to media professionals including producers, directors, editors, and audio engineers in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia.

We've got you covered: Our team of experienced and dedicated Music Consultants live and breathe music, and are always happy to help our clients with music searches and curating playlists to brief.

We support composers: We believe in protecting the rights of composers and maintaining the value of music by adopting and adhering to the standard production music industry principles whereby composers share in the royalties generated by use of their music. This system of licensing acknowledges and protects the composers' intellectual rights and generates royalties in recognition of an artist's creativity.

We live for music: Apart from representing over 150 libraries, Beatbox boasts three of its own labels. The original Beatbox label was launched in 1998 and is produced in Australia. Over the years it has grown in both size and popularity, and has risen in the ranks to become one of Australia's most go-to libraries. Recently, in response to demand, we created two additional specialised series - DramaBox and Black Knight.

DramaBox is specifically produced for TV drama. The series is especially suited for use in unscripted, reality and documentary television show. DramaBox has been compiled with extensive input directly from TV editors and covers everything from big dramatic tension and underscores to quirky dramedy.

Black Knight is a rising star and is particularly popular with TV promo producers. The series is epic and dramatic with high production values. Its contemporary hybrid qualities also make it extremely useful for TV production.